1961 Mercedes-Benz 190SL

Sold!! A very original car!

This is one of the most original one owner cars that we have run across over the years. It is so original that it preserves over 80% of its original paint. We still have the original California title from new, as well as the front and rear California black plates (in like new condition). The car is so rust-free that it seems like the car is only 8 years old, and from a totally dry environment. The undercarriage is bone dry (meaning no leaks) and is an amazing find for a 190SL. It also preserves all of its original chrome in excellent condition.

The front grille appears to not have ever been removed from the car as it still has its original 9 mm nuts that hold the outside parts of the wings. In addition, the black inner grille has all of its original phillips screws with all matching washers. It is also amazing to see that the hood has never been off as all eight of the 6mm bolts that hold the hood appear untouched.

Only the seats and the soft top were replaced in the entire life of the car. It has all of its original rubber mats throughout the car and trunk floor. As you can see in the pictures, the engine bay is totally original and untouched. It starts and runs like a new car. This car comes with the third seat (a nice option to have). The car was ordered without a radio and it comes with its “radio delete” plate.

For the real car collector that appreciates originality this is the car to have!


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