1967 Mercedes-Benz 250SE

Originally Owned by Burt Reynolds

This car was originally purchased by Burt Reynolds when he was working on the film “100 Rifles” with Raquel Welch in Spain. The car has recently been repainted in its original Tunis Beige (462) as well as has received an excellent detailing of the engine area. It comes with a manual 4-speed transmission (which is really fun in this model).

The wood has recently been re-veneered at Madera Concepts, and the seats have been recently reupholstered with leather from GAHH. The car drives really well, and the 6-cylinder engine that came in these cars seem to go on forever.

Celebrity owned vehicles don't often sell for a premium, with the exception of cars owned by Elvis Presley, John Lennon or Steve McQueen. And now we can add Burt Reynolds to that list, based on the sale of one of the promotional Trans-Am that was gifted to him (reportedly 7 were gifted to others) for working on “Smokey and the Bandit” and sold at auction in December 2014 for $450,000.


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